We started 3 years ago with the idea of ​​how important it is to enable students. It is said that nothing is impossible in the world, only the first step towards possibility is needed. We took that step, we crawled at the beginning and then started the walk, and now we are ready to run, to shape the future of millions of students.

                               Matoshri Radhika Girme's hard work and strong support is the main reason for the success of the organization. Today, the organization is limited to Pune district only, but going forward, the organization should have branches all over Maharashtra and India, and our aim is to create a bright future for many young people.

                                At present more than 500 different types of government-approved certified training are imparted. And through this, the organization strives to provide employment to students in more than 200 companies and will always do so.

                                Apart from this, the institute has made arrangements to provide educational loans to the financially weak students through the institute itself.

Because we know that today's powerful youth is tomorrow's superpower India.